Who is Colonel Trash Truck

Colonel Trash Truck is a cross between General MacArthur and Captain
Kangaroo. He is extremely focused and persistent about his mission to clean up the earth…it is his passion and reason for being. He sees the universe, nature
and the environment as a beautiful gift that we all need to respect and protect. Colonel Trash Truck is a character everyone loves but also admires…he is a hero in a time where there aren’t many. He treats everyone and everything with
respect and does not tolerate anyone who does not. His favorite phrase is “Karunch!” as he picks up another pile of trash.

Overall, Colonel Trash Truck is likable and bigger than life. He wants nothing more than to clean up the planet and bring kids along to join him in his quest.


Litter Bug Louie

Litter Bug Louie is Colonel Trash Truck’s number one enemy. He is a bitter, angry character who dreams of the destruction of Colonel Trash Truck and Captain Michael Recycle. It is his mission in life to be sloppy, selfish, and messy and wants everyone else to do the same. He takes pleasure in seeing garbage on the ground, in the park, or on the beach. One of his favorite things to do is
“trash-can- tipping” in the middle of the night so that trash is spilled all over the streets and side-walks. He has a constant sneer on his face like he just smelled something awful. He carries a back pack filled with cans of spray paint, markers, toilet paper and gum that he uses to mess up the environment. Overall, he is a mean, miserable, disrespectful character who hates goodness.

Captain Michael Recycle

Captain Michael Recycle is Colonel Trash Truck’s second in
command. While Colonel Trash Truck is serious, focused, and
methodical, Captain Michael Recycle is high energy, in a hurry, talks very fast and strikes a “karate chop” type pose at every turn. He is anxious to pick up every single can, bottle, paper, or plastic item and turn it into a reusable item or appliance such as a
dishwasher, bat or piece of furniture. He does this by spinning into a twister-like frenzy and yelling “Recyclone” as he picks up
recyclable items and transforms them into other interesting,
usable objects. Overall, Captain Michael Recycle is humorous, quick and ready at any moment. He believes his mission is to “stop the waste of the waste”!

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