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Colonel Trash Truck

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Why was Colonel Trash Truck written?

There are few products that teach kids the importance of helping to save the planet and even less that speak to them in a way that gets their attention. Products must appeal to kids so that they ask for them by name and imaginary humorous characters are the best way to make that happen. Colonel Trash Truck, written for ages 3 to 6, will appeal to children with its fun rhymes and vibrant illustrations.

Why is Colonel Trash Truck different?

Kids love garbage trucks, and there is no better way to teach them to respect the environment than to introduce them to Colonel Trash Truck: a likeable, fun-loving hero who is extremely focused on his mission to win the garbage war. He sees the world and nature as a beautiful gift that we all need to appreciate and protect. Colonel Trash Truck believes cleaning up trash and recycling is something we all must do and he wants nothing more than to have kids join him in his quest.

What lessons will children learn from this book?

Colonel Trash Truch emphasizes that saving and respecting the environment is extremely important. Children learn that they can be heroes just like Colonel Trash Truck! Now’s the time to become a part of his clean and green team. KARUNCH!

What are some things a kid can do to “Keep the Planet Clean and Green”?

  • Make sure to Recycle – put all paper, plastic bottles, cans and glass containers into the recycling bin.
  • Throw trash in the trash can…not on the floor, ground or sand.
  • Conserve water…always make sure to turn off faucets all the way so that they don’t drip.
  • Turn off lights, computers, TVs and anything that uses electricity if it is not being used.

Story Summary:

Colonel Trash Truck strongly believes in his mission of keeping the planet clean and green. He works tirelessly to combat the litterbugs that throw trash where it’s not supposed to be. Along with his Clean and Green Team of garbage trucks, he wants children to help him in his mission. Tips about cleaning up and recycling help everyone understand how to help keep our world beautiful!

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